My family has always taken daily supplements and tried to eat a balanced diet. Last year when the pandemic hit SA I stocked up on our Immuno Armour Adult capsules and Kids chews that we take on a daily basis.

Thank goodness too as these products became increasingly hard to find as more and more people rushed to buy them. We made it through 2020 with none of us catching the” dreaded Rona”, even with my son still going to school daily and myself and my husband having to work right through even the hard lockdown.
The 4th of January I woke up with sinus and felt a bit hungover which was odd as I hadn`t drank anything the night before. Bear in mind we have massive Jasmine bush outside that was in full bloom and that usually affects my sinus so it`s not anything unusual for me to wake up with a blocked nose and itchy eyes.

Anyway, on the 5th of January I woke up feeling like I had a huge hangover and I had definitely not drunk anything, so I started to think maybe I had COVID. I was feeling a bit tired so decided to go have a nap. I woke up after about an hour and realized that all of a sudden, I couldn’t smell a thing.

So now I knew for certain that I had contracted COVID.

As you can imagine I had a small panic attack and started racking my brain as to where I had been and who I had been in contact with and all I could think of was that I had been out to the shops and must have got it there somehow.

Then I started thinking about my boys…

The way I looked at it was I had been with my boys for the past 3 days with symptoms that I thought was sinus at the time and I had been with them every day before the symptoms had begun so I assumed we now all had COVID so we then decided to self-isolate as a family.

On the 6th I woke up very feeling tired, no smell and a bit of a sinus headache and decided to double up on my supplements.

I had no appetite because I couldn`t smell and was just so so tired. I did however manage to run the house the same way as normal just much slower. I would have to take a break and sit down in between chores and took an afternoon nap for about an hour.

The 7th, 8th and 9th were pretty much the same and I took a double dose of Immuno Armour daily.

On day 6 of me having symptoms I sent the boys to get tested and both were negative and neither of them had any symptoms at all. The boys and I continued the double dose of Immuno Armour daily.

The 14th I went back to work, I felt fine, I just didn’t have 100% energy back yet.

I`m no scientist but I have to believe that it`s because of our wonderful supplements we take on a daily basis that our immune symptoms had the “ARMOUR” required for me to get off very lightly. I never had a fever or a cough or chest or breath issue at all and my boys never had a single symptom.

Every family is different, and every person is different, we will all have different symptoms but I`m pretty sure that our daily regime of Immuno Armour Adult Capsules and Kids chews have protected us during this pandemic and am extremely grateful for that.

I`m also sure that taking Immuno Armour every day has been the reason that my 5-year-old has not needed to see a doctor for any reason at all in over a year and neither has my husband.

So if you want a little peace of mind for your whole family from toddlers to in-laws then take IMMUNO ARMOUR daily. We won’t go without it.

Jade Liebrium

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